Cane Grass Chopped & Poisoned

  • Ventura Estuary Clean Up: Poison for Environmental Health.

    Glysophate for Arundo Donax: Clearing invasive species from any river estuary takes thousand of human volunteer hours, hundreds of roll-offs, alternative housing for homeless, and wise use of herbicides. Many might object. But one little stem or rhizome of this plant—Giant Cane grass—can start it growing all over again. It has its uses—biofuel, carbon replenishment of soil, building material, burial wrapping, fishing poles, canes, and reeds for wind instruments. But in a riverbed, it crashes the local habitat. Once crews make a huge effort to hack it out and send it off to the dump, we can’t sit back and enjoy the newly opened vistas, watching willows and other natives heal back. Eco-restoration is an on-going process and the blue spray of modified Roundup® knocks it for a fatal loop. Medicines are often poisons in milder strengths. The blue stain marks the near-death and rebirth of an estuary.