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Hall Canyon Suite: Original Pages from ART/LIFE in Hardbound Limited Edition

  • Hall Canyon Suite. Art/Life Limited Editions, Ventura CA. First Edition. 1998. An “artists’ book.” Twenty-nine original poems on individually designed single-sided pages, each with a tipped in photograph by the author. The poems respond to the natural and disturbed aspects of the foothills and canyons that frame the background of the City of Ventura. With an introductory essay by Peter Alexander, An Artist’s Statement, and a Table of Contents.Each individual page on various kinds of paper was included in a monthly edition of Art/Life over many years, with multiple copies made for each issue, from 100 to 250. (“The original and longest continually published artists’ periodical of the 20th century.” See These pages are extras I made for this limited edition of my own. 8.5 x 11 pages bound with hard board covers, each page signed and with my Japanese “insho” signature seal.Only ten copies remain for sale.$30, each book signed, plus 7.25% tax and $7.75 shipping in USA.

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