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Monterey Pine Roots On Beach

  • The nearby Ventura River deposited these massive Monterey Pine roots on the beach during heavy rains some years ago. The river estuary had a number of large trees like this, but salt water intrusion and depleted fresh water flows may have done in these old giants. This area was home to Depression-era transients, who made shelters under the trees, so that it became known as a "Hobo Jungle." The Southern Pacific railroad nearby gave those riding the rails easy access to drop offs here. The passing of the big trees marks the end the 1930's hard times. Climate change and economic collapse for 40% of Americans today make seeking shelter in the woods a tougher task and remind us that social health and environmental health are intertwined. Each photo is printed on 11" x 17" on fine color paper, signed, mounted in a metal fram with acrylic face ready for hanging. $30 plus 7.25% tax, $2.59 USPS bubble mailer, and postage of $15.00 in USA.

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