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Ventura Beach Rip Rap

  • Healing the beach takes time, money, and effort. Preserving it will take a bit more. Wounds get ugly before they heal. Burlap fiber mesh over sandy soil mounds counters beach erosion while permitting regrowth of native seaside plants. Human methods to simulate natural process may look crude: these waffle-stamped humps look anything but natural, though the pattern of square dents holds water and seed quite efficiently. Restorations can displace ordinary activity for quite a while or permanently, such as an exhilarating jaunt over the dunes. But this innocent act over time erases the footings of native shore plants, breaks open the sandy crust to watery invasions, and eventually wipes out the protective dunes at ocean’s edge. Public patience while the environment repairs itself at our encouragement is often a key factor. Dogs must be leashed in too.  $30 plus 7.25% tax, $2.59 USPS bubble mailer, and postage of $15.00 in USA.

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